Customized resin labels

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Make your own tri-dimensional resin label to custom your products at their best and give your brand more value.

Resin labels with a wide range of application: from videogames to information technology, from home appliances (boilers, air conditioners, ovens, cookers, refrigerators, etc.) to gadgets, from cars to sofas and furniture, etc.

The thickness of the resin gives a three-dimensional effect, enhancing the brilliance and the colouring of print and colours, allowing to get resin labels of high quality and unique beauty. The resin labels are also called “lenticular” as they also act as a magnifying glass allowing a greater readability of all content even at large distances.

The resin labels are made of polyurethane resin with their particularity of remaining unchanged over time, leaving the original colour unchanged. The resin labels are made by different layers, namely the PVC adhesive, the print and the transparent resin layer which concludes the whole process of making of the resin labels.
The resin labels can be made in any size, shape and colour.

Pubbliresin in Gravina in Puglia gives its customers the possibility to place orders of resin labels in short runs.

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  • Customized resin labels
    Labels with regular shape
    Customized Resin Labels
    Labels with irregular shape
  • Business cards
    Leaflets, Flyers and Brochures
    Signs and panels
    High Quality Printing
  • Sticky labels
    Adhesives for flat surfaces
    Adhesives for shop windows